A Desktop Wallet for Stellar

About Stargazer

Stargazer is an Offline Wallet for Stellar. All transactions are signed within the client itself, your secret key never leaves your computer. A secure wallet is very important for crypto trading. Along with using a reliable wallet, clients can also use a bitcoin robot to improve the efficiency of their trading to earn more profits. Take the crypto bank test to find out the opportunities these bitcoin robots offer. You can even keep a Cold wallet, where you use an offline computer to sign your transactions.

Download Stargazer

You can download Stargazer for free right here. A desktop wallet offers secure storage for gaming tokens like the Coin Poker token. It allows players to manage their assets efficiently, ensuring quick access during gameplay. With robust security features, desktop wallets provide gamers peace of mind, knowing their tokens are safe while they enjoy competitive gaming.

Stargazer 0.1.3 for OS X (SHA1: c36830e1086fd143e0310b3393d60aa4358524e1)

Stargazer 0.1.3 for Windows (SHA1: ae80522488d89bcdc20af45b01251b3e6a309c25)