The basics

Getting started

The first thing we're going to do is get a test account



Now you have a test account with a 10,000 XLM balance.

Creating and funding a new account

Sending assets

Holding assets

Set up a trustline

Do a simple trade

Advanced functions

Issuing an asset

In order to be able to issue an asset, you need someone to have a trustline to you. With that in place, it is as simple as sending the asset to the that account.

Now you've successfully created and issued your own asset, using Test #1 as issuing account, and Test #2 as base account.

Redeeming an asset

Just as the issuing account creates assets out of nothing, sending the assets back to the issuing account will remove them from the system

Multi-device functions

For the following functionality you will need more than one instance running, ideally one mobile and one desktop/mobile.

Importing a contact

Importing/Exporting an account

To make a backup you can take a screenshot, and scan it later.

Please make sure you keep it safe, and/or use password protection.

Getting paid

Make sure you have accounts on both devices.


In the basic version, what you're doing is simply importing your contact information from one device to another, letting device #2 use a contact for easier payments.


In the intermediary version you pre-fill the amount and the desired asset, so that the payer gets all the information filled out automatically, and only has to chose how to pay.


In the advanced version you add a memo (advanced options) so you can e.g. track the transaction to a specific payment in your accounting, making this a primitive POS system.